Hello, this website has nothing to do with COVID-19/Coronavirus/SARS-CoV-2. Instead, what's special about this site is that the reverse DNS of this website's IP addresses have "covid-19" in them.

The intent of this website has to do with the historical background of reverse DNS. In the past, many organizations, especially large universities, have the reverse DNS set for many of their host IP addresses to allow for easy identification. Nowadays, reverse DNS is often poorly maintained and no longer widely used, and is usually only used today for email purposes; PTR records tend to reflect the state of things several years ago and not those of today.

On the other hand, a website (like this one) that mentions "COVID-19", "Coronavirus", or similar terms is a sign that the website is either new or has been recently updated, since the COVID-19 pandemic did not exist until 2020.

This website mentions COVID-19 and has a reverse DNS with "covid-19" in it, so it can be thought of as being both new and old :)

I imagine that one day, this website might be picked up by an Internet research probe, and people will make interesting judgements about the fact that "covid-19" is in the reverse DNS of this website's IP address.

This website's IPv4 address:
This website's IPv6 address: 2602:806:a000:8001::c056:1d19

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